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a woman calls her midwife "I think I'm in labour" innately she knows the time is right for when the sun goes down beyond the horizon it is safe - her labour will establish

A Doula is trained to provide support during labor, delivery, and postpartum. Doula comes and do the word Doula comes from a Greek word meaning female servant, and you can think of a Doula as someone who mothers the mother. When you deliver, he will probably have a midwife or[…]

At any birth, the stars of the show are the new mom and baby, while the doctors and nurses are the experts.  Whether you are the dad-to-be, or another relative or friend of the new mother’s who has been asked to be a support person at the birth, don’t downplay[…]

There is nothing fun about back pain at any stage of your life, whether it’s minor or major, but when it strikes during pregnancy it simply gives you one more thing to worry about during a time when you have enough on your plate, right? Expectant mothers are going through[…]

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard all kinds of horror stories about how excruciatingly painful childbirth is.  An epidural can take away the pain, but not without risks to both you and your baby.  Fortunately, there are a number of natural ways to manage the pain of[…]


Encouraging Labor

When your due date is fast approaching, or perhaps already come and gone, you may be wondering if there are safe ways you can encourage things to start moving without actually being induced.  You should always talk to your doctor or midwife to be sure it’s safe for labor to[…]


Packing For Your Birth

When you give birth in a hospital or birth center, you can expect to be there at least overnight, perhaps longer if there are complications or you have a cesarean delivery.  The hospital will supply many of the things you need for your stay, but to make your stay as[…]

Did you know that as many as 80 percent of pregnant women experience pelvic pain?  Many pregnant women complain about the pain which normally range from minor ache to a serious debilitating sensation around the back down to the belly.  The searing pain is just hard to pinpoint that some[…]


Writing a Birth Plan

Every pregnant woman has a picture of how she wants her birth to proceed.  Some women are happy to let the doctor or midwife run the show, while other women would like a bit more autonomy and control over the process.  However you would like your birth to go, it[…]

It is something that no pregnant woman wants to think about, but something many women will experience sooner or later. Miscarriage occurs in approximately 20% of known pregnancies. The actual miscarriage rate may be much higher, but because many of them occur very early in pregnancy, they sometimes occur before[…]

Pink? Blue? Green? Nearly every expecting mother has an ultrasound at some point during her pregnancy, usually around the 20 week mark. If you’re far enough along in your pregnancy to show, people are going to ask what you’re having. Even without an ultrasound, there are any number of old[…]