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a woman calls her midwife "I think I'm in labour" innately she knows the time is right for when the sun goes down beyond the horizon it is safe - her labour will establish

  Did you know that large numbers of women around the world will be affected by post-natal depression? In fact, research shows that each year somewhere between 11% – 20% of women who give birth will suffer with the condition. But it’s not something you have to deal with alone.[…]

Postpartum or Postnatal depression is a common complication of childbirth. While most women may experience feelings of sadness or melancholy after having a baby, about 10 to 20% of them report experiencing stronger feelings that can be described as a form of depression. Postpartum depression is a condition that is[…]

Most women feel a little sad or down for a little while after having a baby. This is typically referred to as the baby blues and is completely normal.  For 10-20% of new mothers, however, the baby blues deepens into a more serious depression.  In some women, postpartum depression sets[…]

Many might wonder why an infant or small child might be taken to a chiropractor or even be concerned about the safety of chiropractic care for small children.  This is in part a result of recent media coverage that portrays chiropractic adjustment for small children as not only unnecessary, but[…]

Your body will undergo many changes after you give birth.  Some of them will take you back to something resembling your pre-baby body, while others will make you wonder if you’ve been replaced by aliens.  In our last post, we talked about leaking bodily fluids and soreness, but those aren’t[…]

Congratulations!  You’ve welcomed your new little bundle of joy into the world.  Now your body will return to normal.  Not so fast.  You may find your body doing some things you might not expect.  From soreness to bodily fluids, here’s what to expect from your body after you give birth,[…]

During your labor, you may be looking forward to holding and getting to know your baby.  Depending on where you give birth, you may be surprised at the number of procedures that are done on your baby before he or she is handed to you.  You have the right to[…]

The first few years of a child’s life are filled with worries for parents. Whilst you have the joy of a new baby and all the happiness that brings, you also have the worry that they’re not developing fast enough, they aren’t feeding correctly, or there is some other problem[…]

A Doula is trained to provide support during labor, delivery, and postpartum. Doula comes and do the word Doula comes from a Greek word meaning female servant, and you can think of a Doula as someone who mothers the mother. When you deliver, he will probably have a midwife or[…]

At any birth, the stars of the show are the new mom and baby, while the doctors and nurses are the experts.  Whether you are the dad-to-be, or another relative or friend of the new mother’s who has been asked to be a support person at the birth, don’t downplay[…]