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a woman calls her midwife "I think I'm in labour" innately she knows the time is right for when the sun goes down beyond the horizon it is safe - her labour will establish

We all know about nausea, needing to pee, cravings, sleep disturbances, and, as the baby grows, back pain.  While these are the most common symptoms of pregnancy, the hormone changes and growing baby can cause many other symptoms that you may not expect.  If you experience any of the following[…]

Sleep in pregnancy

As baby grows larger, you may find sleep becomes more difficult.  There are a number of things that can make sleep difficult, from trying to get comfortable while accommodating your baby bump, to heartburn or restless legs.  Here are a few difficulties you may encounter and some ways to deal[…]

Pregnant woman

Morning sickness. One of the most common and earliest pregnancy symptoms, it’s the bane of nearly every pregnant woman. Despite the name, morning sickness can occur any time, day or night. Research shows that as many as 80% of pregnancies are accompanies by some degree of nausea caused by changing[…]

Cord blood uses

Most people are unaware of banking cord blood before having children, though it’s been available for many years.  There are main types of banking, public and private.  Public banking makes the cord blood available anywhere there may be a need.  Privately banked cord blood remains the property of the donor[…]

Expecting a baby is an exciting time for a couple, but it can also be a source of tremendous anxiety, especially for new parents, but even for parents of many children.  Physiological and hormonal shifts that accompany the process of growing a new life only amplify the anxiety that tends[…]

Primitive reflexes are normal for babies

At birth, babies have a number of primitive reflexes, including breastfeeding and gaining the attention of caregivers and other functions necessary for surviving the early months.  Some of these reflexes are repetitive movements that help the child gain muscle control and sensory processing.  Newborns who lack some of these reflexes[…]

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